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Skin Care For Your Baby

Anointment Natural Skin Care is a skin care line from New Brunswick. They originated in 2002 in Halifax, from a basement work shop. They have since grown to be the successful company they are today, now operating out of New Brunswick. Their company was born on the principles of using natural products on their skin while also being environmentally friendly. They continue to this day to make each of their products by hand. 

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The Perfect DIY Spa Day

This year has brought us many challenges. The far reaching effects of the pandemic include the closures of businesses and services which would normally be just a phone call away. In conversations with clients, I often hear about how spa treatments not only benefited their skin but their mental health as well. Treating yourself to a full body scrub, massage, or even a spray tan can lift your spirits after a rough day or even a bad week. Exfoliating your skin not only rids your body of dead skin cells, it can also make you feel lighter in a spiritual sense. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.  Today, I will walk you through the perfect Spa Day at...

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The Double Cleanse

How often do you double cleanse your skin? Washing your face twice isn't always necessary to do every time you cleanse, but it is beneficial for different circumstances.Do you have a full face of makeup on at the end of your day? Did you just come home from the gym or have a good at home workout? These are two main reasons to double cleanse your skin. When removing a full face of makeup my go to is an all natural oil cleanser. This really breaks down the product and makes it easier to remove without having to scrub too hard. Always remove your first cleanse with a clean wash cloth and warm water. For your second cleanse, this is...

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