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Mississauga-based entrepreneur Monique Courbet, who has been trailblazing the organic beauty industry for over 10 years is the owner of Restore and Replenish Spa, the first vegan and organic spa and hair studio in the GTA. Ahead of the curve with her passion for all-natural products, Courbet began curating her own collection of organic beauty lines. The vision was to bring high-quality all natural selections to her studio clients, in order to help them navigate where to get the best results without harmful chemicals or environmental damage. Both of Courbet’s businesses were affected by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as she was no longer able to generate sales from her studio or in-store retail products. Collaborating with the ShopHERE Powered by...

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Wednesday's Book Club

Whether or not you are looking to start a must read list for the spring and summer months ahead or just to pass time during lock down, we have you covered! When Monique became an Aesthetician in 2003, and was slowly building her clientele, she had a lot of down time at work. Monique brought in a new book to work every few days, and has since built up her own personal library.When Restore and Replenish moved to Streetsville in 2011, she created a take a book - leave a book program in the spa. Clients would bring in their previously enjoyed books and trade it in for a book from our mini library. Monique hasn’t had the same amount of...

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Skin Care For Your Baby

Anointment Natural Skin Care is a skin care line from New Brunswick. They originated in 2002 in Halifax, from a basement work shop. They have since grown to be the successful company they are today, now operating out of New Brunswick. Their company was born on the principles of using natural products on their skin while also being environmentally friendly. They continue to this day to make each of their products by hand. 

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