The Double Cleanse

How often do you double cleanse your skin?

Washing your face twice isn't always necessary to do every time you cleanse, but it is beneficial for different circumstances.
Do you have a full face of makeup on at the end of your day? Did you just come home from the gym or have a good at home workout? These are two main reasons to double cleanse your skin.

When removing a full face of makeup my go to is an all natural oil cleanser. This really breaks down the product and makes it easier to remove without having to scrub too hard. Always remove your first cleanse with a clean wash cloth and warm water.

For your second cleanse, this is where you can use your favourite cleanser targeted for your skin type.
If you are feeling dry with the cold weather approaching, using an all natural milk cleanser will feel like a nice treat for your skin. If you are feeling oily, then a gel cleanser will do the trick without leaving you feeling too dry.

If you have just woken up or had a lazy day around the house... then cleansing your skin once in the morning and once before bed is just fine. 

Some of you may be thinking.. I need to buy two cleansers?
Well, think about it... we have different shoes depending on our outfits and what we are doing... why wouldn't we have more than one cleanser for our face?

I like to switch up my cleansers depending on the weather too! But more on that later!