How to give yourself a flawless tan from home.

I know we are all dreaming of a beach vacation right now, but the good news is that you can achieve that vacation glow in a healthier and all natural way! 

Two years ago I was introduced to an all natural self tanning company called Nuda Canada. This company represents everything that I love about a beauty product; they are Vegan, made of naturally derived ingredients and of course, made in Canada. When I took the course in Toronto, I got to meet the lovely owners who are not only passionate about the industry but creating a line that is also healthy for their customers.

Self tanning products have come such a long way from when they were first popular back when I was in high school. We all did the spray tanning booths at least once in our lifetime, and came out looking orange like Ross from Friends! I can remember when my sister and I both went for a spray tan for graduation, and the next morning the entire 2nd floor of our home smelt like bacon! Well,  Nuda tanning products are nothing like those from the past. This line gives you a beautiful glow without the orange undertone and ZERO smell! 

As a Certified Spray Tan Artist from Nuda Canada, I am going to teach you all the steps to give yourself a flawless tan right from your own home. With this quick drying and non sticky self tanner, you will be glowing for up to 7 days!

You will need

  • Hair Tie
  • Old Towel
  • Nuda Body Exfoliator
  • Nuda Body Lotion
  • Hand Soap
  • Nuda Self Tanner
  • Nuda Tanning Water
  • Facial Cleansing Wipes

Before doing a self tanner on yourself, you will want to exfoliate the day before. This is an important step because if you have any dry patches on your skin, the self tanner will adhere to those patches and tan darker than the rest of your body. To avoid a blotchy tan, always exfoliate the day before. Do not exfoliate the day of as your skin may be sensitive from exfoliating. This also applies to shaving, so if you need to shave your legs, do so the day before. Read our previous blog post on The Perfect DIY Spa Day – Courbet Beauty for tips on a full body exfoliation. 

On the day you apply your self tanner, do not use soap, deodorant or lotions. Your skin must be clean and dry from any oils or moisturizers. So my advice is to shower the night before. 

If you have eczema or any dry patches on your skin, apply Nuda lotion to those areas. This also includes your elbows, knuckles, cuticles and knees. This will prevent any dry spots on your skin from absorbing too much pigment from the tanning lotion, which can give you an uneven tan.

Apply a thin layer of tanning lotion on clean dry skin. Do not apply too much, thinking this will achieve a darker looking colour. You can always go back and add more in the days to come. 

Once you are finished applying your tanning lotion, use a facial cleansing wipe and wipe the palms of your hands. Then wash the palms of your hands with soap so they will not stain. 

Wait about 5 or 10 minutes before getting dressed. I recommend not wearing tight fitting clothing for the next few hours until you rinse off in the shower. This includes a bra, tights, or socks. I suggest hanging out at home in old PJs or sweat pants and a loose fitting t-shirt. If you do have to leave the house, make sure not to put your purse over your shoulder as this can create a tan line.

Nuda Tanning lotions should not stain your clothing, however it could stain leather or suede, so be cautious until you rinse off. 

Once the directed amount of time is up, rinse the product in the shower. Do not use soap, just rinse until the water is clear. 

Moisturize daily! This is another important step. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, so if you stay moisturized, your tan won't fade as quickly. Moisturizing daily will also prevent your tan from getting blotchy as the days go on. 

Do not exfoliate your skin after you have applied your self tanner. You won't need to exfoliate until the 7th day to rid your skin of any left over tan, once it starts fading.

Nuda Canada's newest product is their Tanning Water. This is a great product if you only want to tan your face, or enhance your current tan. Just spritz on the Tanning Water on clean dry skin as you would Tanning Lotion. You can also add a little bit of the Tanning Water to your daily moisturizer!