About Courbet Beauty Culture: Welcome!

Welcome to Courbet Beauty Culture 

My name is Monique Courbet. My journey into the beauty industry started in 2002, and graduating from the Canadian Aesthetic Academy in 2004. I have owned a Spa, Hair Studio and Wellness Center for over 10 years just outside of Toronto.

 From the beginning, I was working for skin care lines such as Clinique, Shiseido, Make up Forever, Clarins, Dior, Lancôme, Biotherm and Estee Lauder. Around this time my focus started to shift to Organic and Vegan products. With studies showing the negative impacts certain chemicals in our skin care products can have on our health and the environment, I started looking into healthier and natural alternatives.  

When I decided to open my own Spa and Hair Studio in 2009, it was important to me to use all natural products, not only for my own health and safety but for my clients and the environment as well. With this mindset, I started my journey into the Organic and Vegan Skin Care World and joined online communities and started attracting like minded people where I learned not only the importance of using natural products, but how important it was to also purchase locally. If I wanted to help the environment, I needed to learn how to lower my carbon footprint.

And so, Restore and Replenish Spa, Hair Studio and Wellness Center was born. My Retail Boutique consisted of Organic, Vegan and Canadian Skin Care and Hair Care Products. 

Courbet Beauty Culture is an online expansion of Restore and Replenish. Under the Courbet Beauty Culture Brand, I will be bringing together all of the top natural beauty brands Canada has to offer. I will also be posting Skin Care and Hair Care Tips, Top Canadian Spa Reviews, New and Upcoming Spa Services and Trends, and of course Product Giveaways!  

With my 18 years of experience I am confident that I can help my followers select the best skin care and beauty routine for themselves and their families using safe and healthy products while helping to boost the #Canadianbeautyeconomy and help our planet.